Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control
Ken Knight
(North and East)
William Gompers
Licensed by the PA Game Commission
Established in 1992

About Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control in Allegheny County, PA

Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control was founded by William Gompers, an early pioneer of Urban Wildlife Management. Since 1978, William has helped state game commissioners develop policies for safe, humane and professional management of urban wildlife. HIs methods and training which are applied by Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control, have won praise from homeowners, humane societies, pest control operators and state officials.

Since 1992 Ken Knight has worked alongside William Gompers removing nuisance wildlife from urban settings all over Allegheny County. He is licensed by the PA Game Commission, and is a certified pesticide applicator. Prior 1992 Ken was a land surveyor and he also owned and managed rental properties while remodeling homes.

Since 2013 Ken's son Kenny and William's son Buck have been working alongside them.