Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control
Ken Knight
(North and East)
William Gompers
Licensed by the PA Game Commission
Established in 1992
Allegheny County's Wildlife Control Professionals

Welcome to Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control in Allegheny County, PA

Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control professionals are trained, licensed and insured to remove wildlife from homes and property in a humane and ecologically sound manner. Whether it's a bat in the belfry, raccoons in the chimney, squirrels in the attic, we are here to provide removal and repairs. We provide complete "exclusion" repairs by installing chimney caps, special screens, and guards to prevent the animal from getting back in. By offering these services, this provides peace of mind to our customers and humane treatment to the animal.

Owner Operators
Ken Knight - 412-996-9653
Bill Gompers - 412-221-4358
Pest - Pest Removal in Allegheny County, PA