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Ants, Bees, Etc...

Hey there! So, if you're fed up with pesky critters but not so hot about being tied down by contracts, we've got just the thing for you. With us, you get a year's peace of mind for your home, no strings attached. We're all about targeting where bugs love to hang out - think the soffits (that's the underside of your roof overhang), fascia (the boards along the roof edge), and right around your home's foundation. Basically, all the bug hotspots.


We kick things off in April. That's when all the creepy crawlies start waking up and thinking about crashing your place. Then, just as summer hits its stride in July and everything's in full buzz, we swing by again to make sure none of those critters are getting too comfortable. Lastly, as we say goodbye to summer and the bugs start thinking about packing up for winter, we do one more round in September to seal the deal and help ensure you're bug-free till the cold settles in.


It's pretty much a full-circle bug busting service timed perfectly with the insect world's calendar, keeping your home a no-bug zone all year round. How's that sound?

Suburb Houses
Suburb Houses


$130 - per visit for most homes.

3x a year. (April, July, September)

Pricing may vary on size of your home.

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