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Seal off your home or business from intruding wildlife with pest exclusions. We provide Stainless steel chimney caps, special screens, and guards to prevent the animal from getting back in. Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control also provides damage repair services after the infestation is removed.


Look at the hole these two created......

The key to preventing pests is to seal them out. We provide home sealing and pest exclusion for a wide range of animals. Some of our pest exclusion solutions include:

  • Chimney Caps

  • Screen Vents

  • Removal & Relocation

  • Prevention Treatments

  • Foundation Sealing

  • Closing Entryways

  • Repairs

After exterminating and excluding wildlife, we also provide professional wildlife damage repair services. This fixes damage caused to your home or business by the nesting, digging, and chewing of pest animals. Home inspections to look for damage are available.

We will make any size
Custom Chimney Caps, Cages or Screens to keep out animals and/or leaves from chimneys and vents.

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