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Wildlife Removal

No job is too big or too small! Animal Services Wildlife Pest Control offers you protection and safety of your home or business. Wildlife that create a problem nesting or living in your home can carry diseases, their fecal matter and hair can produce airborne parasites which can cause lung damage and disease. We take pride in being able to remove these animals as well as clean up the messes they have left behind, including repairing any damage. These services provided by other companies may come with extra fees and costs after the job has been performed. We are upfront with our pricing and you will know how much the job will be before performing it. No hidden costs. Pricing may vary on size of your home.


Raccoons & Squirrels

  • $450 - This includes all animals removed from Residential and Commercial buildings, repairs, and provides 6 Month Guarantee *some exclusions apply. Pricing may vary on size of your home.

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  • $400 - $600 Which includes Exclusion of all bats with netting and all repairs necessary to keep them out. 3-5 years guaranteed. Pricing may vary on size of your home.

Residential & Commercial Rodent Control

Rodents can produce dozens of offspring per year; they may carry disease and leave feces throughout your home. Rodents teeth grow rapidly, they chew constantly to keep them filed down. We typically find wiring and food items gnawed into at homes and buildings. Sometimes they even get into vehicle engines and chew wires.

Mice typically live in attics, walls, and unfinished areas where it is difficult to get traps and bait to them, plus using bait inside the home leads to them dying where you cannot get to them.

To eliminate these rodents, bait stations around your building or home are a great way of reducing rodent populations outside before they enter your home or building.

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